Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Years!

Nothing beats a stormy afternoon sketching and listening to music. Happy new year everyone! I have finished my course and now that all of the end of year festivities are over I am buckling down and working hard to a) find new part time employment and b) get myself out there in the illustration industry. Since the exhibition i have received a lot of good feedback from both teachers and those in industry which has been really great to hear. Now i have to be my own teacher and make sure i keep producing work everyday. This little sketch above is based on my childhood memories spent with my imaginary best friend Sally and is the first sketch for 2011. I think it will develop a lot more over time and be built up to colour. Hopefully i will work it into a series. Anyway back to the drawing board. Thanks to all of you out there for following me through my student years on this blog :)

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